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The Core Of Web3 Ecosystem

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Understanding The Meaning Of DApps

DApps or Decentralized applications are web applications that run on nodes of a blockchain network instead of a centralised server. Hence, the name; decentralised application.

How Do DApps Work?

Decentralised Applications work very similarly to other Web 2.0 applications, except for a couple of added advantages. Dapps have their backend (primary system) running on decentralised nodes. They make changes to their system democratically using various consensus algorithms.

Many dapps use Ethereum blockchain for their data storage and smart contracts to execute functions. The smart contracts also act as the backend of these apps.

It is very similar to an ATM that dispenses cash when you enter your card and pin. Imagine you could access all ATMs at once, so you are not affected even if a few of them are not working. But ATMs are controlled by banks, and dapps are democratically governed by the entire blockchain.

Advantages Of DApps

The popularity of DApps results from many factors other than just market hype. DApps provide a plethora of opportunities for consumer protection, sharing data, storing and transacting value, etc.

Below are a few advantages of dapps:

  • Built-in Payments: No external linking is required, which helps keep your funds safe
  • Free from Censorship: There is no single ownership. Even if the Dapp developer bans you, you can still use the Dapp once deployed.
  • No Downtime: Dapps are decentralised. They depend on hundreds and thousands of nodes. Even if a few of them are down, several others can keep the system running.
  • Anonymous Login: Dapps are non-custodial. They do not store your information unless provided explicitly. If you wish to remain completely anonymous, you can do that.

Popular DApps And DApps Store

Decentralised Applications

  • Trust Wallet: It is a multipurpose dapp based wallet that can store Coins, Tokens and NFTs. It has a market cap of $235 Million.
  • Brave Browser: A non-custodial and privacy-focused browser specifically designed for Web 3.0. Automatically blocks advertisements. It has a market cap of $1 Million.
  • Pancake Swap: A Binance Smart Chain dapp made to provide liquidity to pools with a total value-locked of $4.3 billion.
  • Upland: A dapp game built on Polygon blockchain. The game is worth $500 million.
  • Just Lend: A Tron based dapp that uses defi protocol and has net assets worth $200 Million.

#Note: These values can rapidly increase or decrease if there is high volatility.

DApps Store

The most popular dApp store is Dapp Radar. The store hosts many decentralised applications from games, defi to NFTs, and much more. Other stores such as one featured inside Trust Wallet and Dapp Store.

DApp Market

As per a report by Emergen Research, the world Dapp market size is expected to reach $368.25 Billion by 2027. This forecast would correspond to a market growth rate of 56% annually.

Compare it with the annual growth rate of NIFTY (14%), Gold (12.5%) and Fixed Deposits(7.1%) over the past 20 years. With such high returns, it is natural that many businesses are eager to enter this domain.

We at Global Vox can support, establish and nurture your dream of entering this rapidly changing market.

DApps Development Company

Global Vox has formed a body to provide error-free solutions to the blockchain industry, named The Blockchain Team. We are not only just certified and skilled, but we also have the experience of developing IT solutions for over two decades.

With such experience comes the ability to solve complex issues with technology. We can make your idea stand on the ground with higher resilience and high scalability so that your business can take speed without worrying about capacity.


The rising prominence of DApps within the Web3 ecosystem presents lucrative opportunities for businesses. As the DApp market is projected to reach $368.25 Billion by 2027, it signifies substantial growth potential. For those venturing into this dynamic landscape, the collaboration with a proficient DApp development company becomes crucial. Global Vox stands ready to support, establish, and nurture your endeavors in this rapidly evolving market. Explore the boundless possibilities of decentralized applications with our tailored DApp development services. Your journey into the decentralized future begins here.

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Shivi Sharma
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