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BiG Deal is the world’s first decentralized auction house with smartly crafted 7+ auction mechanisms which are Engaging, Fun, and Gamified. Each auction brings in an amazing deal to its participants. BiG Deal has a clear path to revenue and value generation and aspires to create immense value for it’s community, investors, promoters and advisors.

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The Requirement

Innovation & gamification of auction mechanisms. We had to build a decentralized blockchain-based auctioning platform encompassing multiple auction variations as popular in different parts of the world. The project involved studying various auction mechanisms, token generation, ICO and more. Through the BiG DEAL platform, for each auction, every item, every bid, and every transaction are recorded on a blockchain that is immutable and available to all members of the BiG DEAL community.

BiG DEAL’s ecosystem comprises the following elements

Build a decentralized auction platform that is fun and engaging!

Speak with one of our subject matter expert! (Others charge upto $500 for this).

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The Solution

A team was constituted for the turn-key project. The following steps were conducted
  • Business analyst : Study of various auction mechanism
  • Gamification expert : Modifying chosen auctions to make them FUN and ENGAGING
  • Tech Lead : To decide on the tech stack for front-end and back-end
  • Blockchain Expert : Choosing the most suitable blockchain
  • Designer : For slick UI/UX
  • Copy writer : For authoring the whitepaper, lite paper and other documents
The entire project was divided into phases and the first phase was kicked off. The MVP was launched before time.

Tech Stack

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