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Crypkart is an advanced peer to peer crypto trading platform with support for 100+ fiat currencies, and multiple crypto currencies. CrypKart has advanced features for its traders and boasts of a CrypKart Partner program and CrypKart Ambassaor program. CrypKart also the provision for its own token : CrypKoin, which can be used towards brokerage fees and other features of the platform. CrypKart brings in a very strong token value appreciation business mechanics for its token : CrypKoin.

The Requirement

The client was inspired by the success of a peer to peer trading platform : thelocalbitcoins.com. We were tasked to develop a platform similar to this with some advanced features to support offline – crypto trading as well. Also, the platform should support multiple popular crypto currencies. The platform had to be multi-lingual with support for all major currencies (100+) in the world. The peer-to-peer exchange enables its traders to do a direct deal with their counterparts using a very strong Escrow system and assurance of the platform.

Build a P2P (peer-to-peer) crypto currency exchange with escrow mechanism.

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The Solution

We constituted a 2 member team to understand the mechanics of P2P crypto exchange. We were pleasantly surprised to discover the way trading happens on P2P – how you can negotiate the rates, do bulk deals, how various payment methods are supported and more. After the initial study a team was formed. The toughest part was to work on BitCoinJ – which is the library for connecting with BitCoin Blockchain. A very strong Escrow system was built – as part of the core engine. The escrow system ensures fair trade for all parties involved. A dispute resolution module was also built. CrypKart allows its traders to –

  • Post buy/sell advertisements
  • Define their own terms, currency and mode of payment
  • Determine their own rate based on the volume they want to trade
  • Build reputation over time and get more trade calls
  • Chat in real time
  • Define payment release time window with auto escrow release

Tech Stack

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" TheBlockchainTeam did a fabulous job with my crypto currency exchange. They advised us to start with a P2P exchange and then rise up to a order book exchange - a brilliant suggestion to reduce development cost, reduce time to market and speed up the revenue realization from business. Strongly recommended. "

-N. Patle Founder


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