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Ivy block

IVY Block is a HANDS-ON FIRST CERTIFICATION program for techies who want to build a career in blockchain space.

It is a comprehensive program designed by seasoned and certified blockchain developers. IVY Block, provides a high-engagement earning experience with real-world blockchain applications.

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Demand Growth for Engineering Roles in 2023

Demand Growth

What is IVY block.logo ?

IVY Block is a course designed by certified blockchain and web3.0 techies. It has been designed keeping developers in mind - and henceis programming first. The course is very hands-on which follows the philosophy of learning by doing. We believe the best way to learn to swim is to jump in water. Same applies to coding skills. Jump in with your first Hello World program and follow up with incrementally complex programming tasks. Learn on the journey.

We are proud to offer this program which can help shape careers in the hot Blockchain Space. Right from what is blockchain and web3.0 – IVY Block - takes you to the core of writing smart contracts and developing DApps (Decentralized Applications). The highlight of the program is the balance between width and depth of learning.

Width: Stands for understanding the application of blockchain in real world use cases. It also covers different types of blockchains and their applicability.

Depth: Developing expertise over writing smart contracts, security, scalability, integrations and everything deep tech.

IVY Blocks strives to bring in 360-degree upskilling by balancing width and depth of learning and knowledge. IVY Block aspires to churn out all-rounded professionals – IVY League Blockers.

Key Features

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Program completion certificate from GlobalVox + TBT
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Self-paced learning
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Hands-on First
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Skills for the industry making you job-ready
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Opportunity to join TBT team @ GlobalVox
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Masterclasses from certified trainers
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Experts available on call/chat for assistance
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Acquire insight into the most in-demand Blockchain skills

Who is This Blockchain Certification Course for?

This blockchain certification course is an ideal choice for anyone looking to develop their career or gain deeper understanding of blockchain and web3 space. It is also an excellent choice for intellectually curious professionals who are aspiring towards a career change or want to develop future-fit skills. This course does not require any prior experience in coding so professionals from different industries can enroll. However, having a coding background would be a booster. IVY Block certification program is an ideal fit for :

blockchain 3 mans logo. Business analysts
blockchain 3 mans logo. Solution architects
blockchain 3 mans logo. IT Entrepreneurs
blockchain 3 mans logo. Project managers
blockchain 3 mans logo. Tech Leads
blockchain 3 mans logo. Tech consultants

Eligibility Criteria

For admission to IVY Block, the must or preferred to have skills are:

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Basic understanding of computer programming
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A bachelor's/masters degree
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Around 10 hours per week time

Curriculum Details

For admission to IVY Block, the must or preferred to have skills are:

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IVY Block for Functional Consultants (coming soon)
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  • 150+ hours of extensive learning
  • 5+ projects to be completed
  • Unique width+depth methodology

Tools & Technologies Covered

Hyperledger Fabric
Remix ethereum

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Blockchain Certification Course?
A Blockchain Certification Course is an educational program that provides comprehensive training and knowledge in blockchain technology, covering various aspects like fundamentals, smart contract development, and decentralized application building.
Why should I choose IVY BLOCK for my Blockchain Certification?
IVY BLOCK offers expertise, a comprehensive curriculum, an interactive learning environment, practical application emphasis, and career support to ensure you have the best learning experience and opportunities for success in the blockchain industry.
Can I get a job after completing the Blockchain Certification Course with IVY BLOCK?
Yes, IVY BLOCK provides career support and job placement assistance to help you kickstart your career in blockchain technology after completing the certification course.
What are the prerequisites for enrolling in the Blockchain Certification Course?
There are no specific prerequisites for enrolling in the Blockchain Certification Course; however, a basic understanding of computer science concepts and programming may be beneficial.