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NFT Agency is a NFT marketplace. It is a platform which allows minting and listing of NFTs. People can signup, upload their creations and convert them to NFTs. Then these NFT's can be listed for sale on the platform. The sale is via auctioning and bidding. Also, the owners of the NFT's get their commission on every sale and re-sale. The underlying chain is Binance Smart Chain.

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Requirement & Solution

The platform has a very strong admin panel for both super admin and NFT owners. The super admin can control content of the entire platform and also categorize NFT's. The admin panel of the NFT owners allows them to manage their earnings, transactions, minting of NFT's, pricing and lots more.

  • Writing fractional NFT smart contracts
  • Web 3.0 integrations
  • Smart contract compatibility with meta transactions (Gasless transactions)
  • Upgradability of smart contracts
  • Smart contract testing and audit with Truffle
  • Seeding of data
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Andrea Brown
Founder : Lexeon

Sameul Meleder
Founder : Chimpare

Daniel Trevinho
Project : NFT Marketplace