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Award-Winning SUI/Move development company

Taking inspiration from Japanese philosophy, SUI embodies the water element, symbolizing adaptability and fluidity in any environment. Building upon this philosophy, the SUI platform aims to offer a flexible network that shapes the landscape of Web3. SUI Move, derived from the core Move programming language, forms the foundation of the platform.

It introduces advanced features like causal order vs. total order for parallel execution, an object-centric data model enabling composable objects and NFTs, and an intuitive blockchain-oriented Move development programming language that enhances the developer experience. SUI provides developers with the following benefits:

SUI Move Development and Object-Centric Data Model: Enabling composable objects and NFTs, offering new possibilities for asset composition.

Asset-Centric Programming Model: Fostering a seamless programming experience centered around assets and their interactions.

Easier Developer Experience: Empowering developers with an accessible and user-friendly Move programming language tailored for blockchain development.

SUI highlights

Layer 1 blockchain 
Secure and fast
TPS of 100,000
Parallel execution Architecture
Very low latency
Delegated Proof of stake consensus 
Platform agnostic 
On-chain assets
Offers SDK


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TBT Expertise on SUI Chain

As an award-winning SUI/Move development company, TBT brings extensive expertise to harness the full potential of the SUI chain. Our expertise includes:

Smart Contracts on SUI

We specialize in developing secure and efficient smart contracts on the SUI chain, leveraging its unique features and capabilities.

Fast Web3 Games on SUI 

Our team excels in developing high-performance Web3 games on the SUI platform, offering immersive and seamless gaming experiences.

MOVE Development for SUI 

We leverage the MOVE programming language to build innovative solutions on the SUI chain, unlocking its full potential.

Develop dynamic NFTs

We offer expertise in developing dynamic and interactive NFTs on the SUI platform, enabling new possibilities for asset composition.

Onchain DeFi using SUI

We provide comprehensive solutions for decentralized finance (DeFi) applications on the SUI chain, empowering users with financial freedom.

Traditional Finance (TradFi) using SUI 

Our services extend to bridging traditional finance with the SUI chain, enabling the integration of traditional financial systems.

Reward & Loyalty programs 

We enable the implementation of reward and loyalty programs on the SUI chain, enhancing user engagement and retention.

Asset tokenization

We offer solutions for asset tokenization on the SUI chain, enabling the representation and transfer of real-world assets in a digital format.

Decentralized social networks 

Our expertise extends to building decentralized social networks on the SUI chain, fostering privacy, security, and user-centric experiences.

DApps on SUI

We specialize in developing decentralized applications (DApps) on the SUI platform, unlocking its potential for various use cases.

SUI Consulting

Our experts provide consulting services to guide businesses through the intricacies of SUI development, ensuring optimal results for their projects.

Smart contract audit

We offer comprehensive smart contract auditing services for projects on the SUI chain, ensuring security, reliability, and compliance.

Our Circle of Expertise 


Web 3.0 Product Development

Enterprise Blockchain

Smart Contracts

Smart Contract Audits

Industry Solutions with Blockchain

Fund raising via IEO/ICO/IDO

Authoring Whitepaper

NFT Development